Attendance Info

Shawnee Mission School District Attendance Policy


To Report an Absence:  If your child is going to be absent from school or arriving late due to an appointment, you must notify the school.  There are 3 ways you can notify the school of an absence.

1.  Call the attendance line 24/7 and leave a message– 913-993-4988.  Please leave a detailed message and make sure to include your child’s name, teacher and why they will not be here or why they will be arriving late. 

2.  Log into your Skyward Family Access account anytime and click on the Report and Absence link and complete the steps

3.  Call the office during office hours and pass the message along in person.


Rushton School Health Policies


Attendance Letters to Families:  Regular and on-time attendance at school is a state law.  If your child starts having attendance issues, then letters will be sent home to the family.  

1.  Tardy Warning Letter - If your child arrives at school after the 8:10 bell, then they come through the office to receive a tardy slip.  This information is input into Skyward showing the tardy and what time they arrive.  After you receive several tardies, you will receive a Tardy Warning letter.   Shawnee Mission School District sees 10 tardies as 1 unexcused absence

2.  Attendance Warning Letter - Once your child has 7 absences, you will receive the attendance warning letter.  This letter is to make you aware how many excused and unexcused absences your child has.  Once your child reaches 10 absences this will trigger the Excessive Absence Letter.

3. Excessive Absence Letter - At 10 absences your family will receive the Excessive Absence Letter.  This letter states that we must receive written authorization for an absence to be excused.  This means if you are calling your child in sick or for an appointment, then we will require a doctors note to excuse the absence.  You can also have our school nurse asses your child to determine if they can be at school or not.  If you have an out of town trip planned, then you can email Mrs. Fornal with the information for approval.  Her approval can also excuse an absence.